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Egoera is an instrumental post rock band from Athens, Greece which was formed in early 2013. The band consists of three members. There is no vocals. They draw inspiration from bands like God Is an Astronaut, If These Trees Could Talk, Sleepmakeswaves and Audrey Fall amongst others. Sometimes their music is heavy and more intense, while others it’s more melodic. They don’t restrict themselves, but they feel free to express what instrumental music means for them.

In February 2014, they released a demo with two tracks “Today We Are Infinite” and “Aftermath”. In April 2016, they recorded a single track named “Virtues” and published it accompanied by its official music video. On April 30, 2020, they released their debut album “Fortuna”, which was produced by Alex Bolpasis.

At this time Egoera are preparing to record their next album and are looking forward to it.

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“They let their music do the talking. And the truth is that as a whole it speaks better than any word.” (GR), March 2024

“That’s where they differ from most so-called post-metal bands, many of which have sludge roots or even a much “dirtier” sound, while the guitar melodies of Egoera sound crystal clear, which didn’t seem to be affected by the fact that it was a live performance. Τhe only difference in the sound of the tracks from their album “Fortuna” plus “Yemen” that they played, was that of course the low-end live is more extensive and the riffs more spiky, which intensified the metal feeling they gave me.” (GR), June 2022

“They played almost all the songs of Fortuna, the album they released last year in April, and performed it perfect in every way. The songs were all rich in sound and didn’t lack anything from what you hear on the record. And this is a bet that every band makes with itself when it comes time to present live the recorded material that may have been instrumentally enhanced in the studio.”,-09122021–temple-athens-/ (GR), December 2021

Live @ Temple Athens with Halocraft & Message In a Cloud


“A band that creates music full of emotion and soul, a record that cannot be ignored and literally pulls you into it, with well-structured tracks, with an intoxicating attraction full of energy with beautiful melodies, that stick in the mind at once.” (GR), October 2020

“In the 40 minutes that the album lasts, the band’s cinematic rock will bring back memories that you had forgotten existed.” (GR), June 2020

“… Egoera brought together an intense and tortuous musical journey in search of fragments of beauty scattered in space and time.” (EN), June 2020

“Egoera compiled seven striking melodic compositions saturated with loads of remarkable melancholic moments, but also stacked with numerous notable surprised hidden beneath the pleasant layers of brilliant instrumentations.” (EN), May 2020

“The primary goal of instrumental rock is to travel your mind to different locations, either semiotically or geographically, and Egoera accomplishe this admirably on their debut Fortuna.” (GR), May 2020

“Starting with the one-word title of each track, our mind is given the trigger to create countless more words and images, allowing the instrumental, especially cinematic post rock creation of Egoera, to penetrate them.” (GR), May 2020

“I think that the sound of Egoera, despite their obvious influences from well-known bands of the genre, is quite special and distinct, which is a big deal for post-rock.” (GR), April 2020

“It’s a rare album, it’s a lyrical masterpiece, which you should listen to.” (GR), April 2020

“Fortuna” Cover Artwork

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